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  • Lifting properly, using your knees to squat down instead of bending at the waist to pick up objects
  • Bringing objects closer to your body to lift things over 20 pounds puts less stress on your spine
  • Working in an properly set up area for your individual body type and daily activities decreases the possibility of microtrauma
  • Dr. Laudig will be happy to come to your business and speak to your employees on Work Safety to decrease the Workmans Compensation Claims.


The Spinal segment contains many components, any one could cause pain and dysfunction.


Arthritis is the most common problem of anyone over 40 years of age. Inflammation and bone distruction from years of working, lifting or minor injuries.


A ruptured disc is the most painful problem next to child birth. This condition is sudden and treatments vary depending on the course of the patient.
Medical Treatment: Pain medication and muscle relaxers or surgery to remove the disc. There is generally only a 50% improvement.
Chiropractic Treatment: Traction, Spinal Adjustments, Therapuetic exercises, Physiotherapy, Trigger point therapy, reflexology, Deep tissue myofascial relief, Supplementation for muscle and ligament health.


Carpal Tunnel syndrome is poorly diagnosed and usually easily corrected by adjusting the carpal bones in the wrist, adjusting the elbow and shoulder.
I have adjusted patients who have 100% improvement in just one visit.
If the patient has already had prior surgery, treatment takes longer, only because of the scar tissue.


Scoliosis caused by osteoporosis or congenetally can be treated effectively by manual adjustment, traction, therapuetic exercises and supplementation for bone health.