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My now 29 year old daughter became brain damaged from a DPT vaccine at the age of 3 months. I devote my life to informing parents on the dangers of certain vaccines, medications and sports activites in hopes of the prevention of injuries.
If you want me to come to your group function to present my powerpoint presentation of how my own daughter was brain damaged by the DPT Vaccines and the history of the so called mandated vaccine program. Or you can view for all the research and news.
It is my experience that children are not treated in the same way as adults after traumatic events such as automobile accidents, falls or impact injuries. Their spine is still growing and has not become strong, but children often just do not show symptoms until later in early adulthood. I have even seen undiagnosed healed fractures in adults that can barely remember the accident that caused it.

I feel that children are so important that she will see infants and and children up to 12 FREE. From age 13 to 18 are seen at 50% the regular fee's.


My little Ashley, the Angel sent to earth to guide me. Through these many years of adjusting and applying therapeutic exercises to strengthen Ashley's legs and arms and to keep her spine from curvature from sitting in her wheel chair for many long hours has formed the way I treat my patients. Low force adjustments, resistance and passive stretching with motion aids in a patients ability to heal naturally with out additional pain.


As of 9/11/2008 the LVN nursing has been cut by 150 hours. I am appealing to legislators to revise the current "Aging Out" of benefits form Medi-Cal and EPDST programs. Turning 21 did not change Ashley's disability in any way. She still requires the same 24/7 care and supplies.